recording > basic tracking, overdubs, voice-over
production > mixing, editing, post
consulting > recording, writing and arranging
Bryan Cain > owner, musician, house engineer


I started Noise Syrup because I wanted my productions to sound like the recordings that I love. I quickly learned that it was impossible to do this with a computer in a bedroom. My search for great sound has led me to a wonderful collection of heavy, heat producing hardware that I adore. But I also learned that all the gear in the world won't make a good recording in a bad sounding room. My main room is small, but lovingly treated to have pleasing, usable acoustics. A careful choice of microphones, preamps and converters means that I can record at a very high quality. I can mix "old school" on my console or "in the box" in DP-6. At Noise Syrup, I'm proud to be able to offer almost every service a large studio can provide at less than half the cost. I love doing complete albums, quick demos, and voice-over sessions. I can work with you on production values, arrangements and musical choices. I like to be flexible. On a budget? Do some basic tracking (drums, bass, etc.), take it home and fiddle with it, add some overdubs, bring it all back and mix it on the console. Whatever works! Ready to get your noise out there?